Do you remember where you were on March 11, 2020?

My name is Mobeen Sayed. Many of you already know me as Dr Been, a PhD of Medicine and a computer engineer, who teaches medicine online at I have a mission to improve healthcare by offering medical education by easy to understand, entertaining, and recallable/visual methods. Until March 11, 2020, things had been going smoothly. I felt blessed.

Then, COVID hit. Students started asking lots of questions about COVID-19, so I started discussing the science on YouTube, to help us all understand. More Koolbeens signed on. We’ve had a lot of fun, and we’ve learned a lot about COVID-19. 

In my videos I have always been careful to stay neutral. Questions, but no speculation. Stick to science. But simmering beneath the surface, there is a story to be told.  Many stories. Now that this pandemic is winding down, might this be the time to shine some light on them?

People are left with questions. I want to help find answers. I am yearning to tell the story as I’ve seen it unfold over the last two years. And others may have more to add.  We can’t just allow it to fade away. It needs to be understood so it won’t happen again. We need to figure out how to repair the damage.

So now it’s time to take a minute. Let’s figure out what happened. Where did COVID come from? How did the virus cause so much damage? How was it that so many people were allowed to die? How did people behave during that time? Who was right, who was wrong, and who was trying? What role did science play? And…

What might the future hold?  

This blog is a journey into the science of SARS-CoV-2 and what happens when a health crisis collides with money and politics.

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